October 7, 2023

Homes come in all shapes and sizes. I partnered with an investor, Jenise and John Musselman, of JEM Home Solutions and Just Maintenance PA, to stage a beautiful bungalow in Collegeville, PA. Jenise and her husband, John, originally purchased, renovated and rented the two-bedroom home to a long-term renter. Although the home was situated high atop the Perkiomen creek, an ideal spot for kayaking and canoeing, the area wasn’t conducive to short-term rentals. After their long-term rental residents relocated, they decided to sell the property. Her dilemma was that the bungalow was only 850 square feet with two small bedrooms. She wasn’t sure if potential buyers would realize the potential of each room given the size. When she saw the pictures I sent her at the end of staging day she was nearly in tears seeing how beautiful the staging made this home feel.

There were no comparable homes for which to list the price and therefore Jenise enlisted Elegant Transitions to give this beautiful bungalow the best chance to get sold. After we staged this vacant property, she listed the home and received an offer of $295,000 within a week; $347 per square foot! This is $106 / sq. ft. higher than the average price per square foot in the same zip code! Having such a great experience, Jenise asked me if I’d like to partner with her on future listings. We also created this video and also posted about it on this blog post “Tips and Tricks on Home Staging to Maximize Your Sale Price”.

If you want to learn a little more, you can watch our 19-minute video. Key points from our discussion include:

  • Home staging is for every home. Homeowners have a difficult time seeing their home from a buyer’s perspective because they are accustomed to some of the flaws and living with their own things.
  • Staging is not decorating. It is marketing a home, showing its best features and using décor to enhance those features to capture the attention of potential buyers.
  • Home staging is a low-risk investment because it is statistically proven that homeowners have typically realized a 6-25% return on home staging investments.

If you’d like access to my free Vacant Staging Investment Guide, click here.

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