August 26, 2021

Father’s day was only 1 week away! So I thought I’d do you a solid and provide you a free gift guide with gifts you can buy online and get in time for father’s day! Who doesn’t love a freebie? The gift guide includes gifts ranging in price from $15 – $140 USD. It is approved by my husband and his “best buds” 🙂 I hope you find something or at least get ideas from this free gift guide. 

Click the “Download button” below the image to access the free gift guide. Happy Shopping!

I do NOT receive any financial benefits if you buy through these shoppable links; this is truly a free gift.

This design board is an example of the work I do with my eDesign customers. I curate a mood board where you can either approve/reject items or even shop some items on your own. It’s really easy. The best part is, I am able to pass on some of my trade discounts to you so that you can purchase furnishings for your home at less than retail costs!

If you are interested in redesigning a room or space in your home or even if you need help organizing a space with tools that can help you; I’m your gal! Reach out to me and we can get the conversation started, no commitment to buy anything.

Please note: At the time I originally wrote this post, father’s day was 3 weeks away. Since then I changed my host provider on my website and had to redo  my post; therefore the date of this updated blog-post is well past Father’s Day.

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