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Home Design

“Having been a builder for more than 40 years, I’ve seen a lot of model homes. I was blown away with Kelly’s design skills. She did an amazing job on a residential home redesign. Her design surpasses many other designs I’ve seen.” Michael McCleery, General Contractor, Birch Construction Services

Kitchen Remodel

“We lived in our house for 26 years and finally were able to remodel our kitchen.  We weren’t sure how to go about everything, so we turned to Kelly at Elegant Transitions for some design advice and guidance. She gave us some excellent tips and ideas to create the space that would suit our tastes and needs. We are very happy with Kelly and her advice as this was all new to us. We absolutely love our new kitchen!” Rita D. 

Home Office Remodel

“Kelly helped me convert a dining room that we rarely used to a home office. The entire renovation stemmed around a desk that I had purchased that could be repurposed as a buffet table when we have guests over. I’m so pleased with my new office space.” Jackie D

Craft Room Redesign

“I use my spare bedroom as a craft room to make cards. After years of doing this I accumulated a lot of stuff. My craft room was getting hard to work in because it was disorganized. I contacted Kelly at Elegant Transitions to help me organize and design my space. Kelly was inquisitive and asked many questions throughout the process. Before she made any big changes, she would ask if it was okay if she moved things around. She was very thorough, knew what she was doing, and worked quickly. Now when I enter the room, I am excited to sit down and get to work. I didn’t even know I was working in squalor before. I couldn’t believe the transformation. Unbelievable, beautiful, and spacious. Now instead of going to my ‘craft room,’ I go into my ‘Studio.’” Liz K.