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Remodeling Your Home?

I’m an expert in redesigning homes starting with using what you have and love, so that I can create a “high impact” plan for what you should purchase next or cosmetically change in order transform your space into a home you love!

What is Redesign?

Interior redesign is the art of color selection for walls, furnishing and accessories and decorating  your home by starting with pieces you already own and love and potentially supplementing those with additional purchases. It is recommended to choose a Redesigner that has been certified by a reputable company, such as myself. 

Certified Color Expert!

I am a certified Color Expert. Color is visceral.  Color is emotional.  Color sets the tone and mood.  Color is the foundation of every great design plan, so it makes sense to choose a Redesigner who is a Certified Color Expert such as myself.

My Professional Certifications