November 13, 2023

You’ve likely heard the story of the three little pigs, well here’s a tale of three different homes that unfolded in the picturesque neighborhood of Victoria Court. Here, three unique townhomes – 106, 107, and 108 – have stories to tell, each with its own interior style.

106 – The Occupied Home

The occupied townhome on the end, unit 106, was bigger than its neighboring interior townhomes by 150 square feet. The homeowner, seeking a touch of magic, sought my professional advice. Despite my recommendations to declutter and create more breathing space, the homeowner couldn’t fathom potential buyers not falling in love with their current décor. The rooms felt crowded, and the layout didn’t quite serve its purpose. The result, the home lingered on the market for 4 months and went through 3 price reductions for a total of a $24,000 price reduction. Despite the larger size, the home sold for less than it’s staged smaller neighboring townhome.

107 – The Hesitant Dwelling

Next door was 107, a vacant home with a hesitant approach to embracing the magic of staging. Despite making some upgrades like new carpet and paint, the decision not to stage with furniture proved costly. Sitting on the market for a month, it faced a 6.2% price cut, ultimately selling for $19,900 less than its initial listing. A missed opportunity to create a captivating narrative for potential buyers. This property sold for the lowest price out of the three.

108 – The Wisest Gem

The wisest gem of Victoria Court was 108, a mirror image of 107. The homeowner recognized the value of a smart investment. After a modest $6,000 makeover with new flooring, updated lighting, a fresh coat of paint, and home staging by Elegant Transitions, the home shined. We staged every room, providing potential buyers with a sense of how to layout their furniture and creating emotional appeal to help them fall in love with the home. Witnessing the dramatic transformation, the realtor recognized the increase in home value and listed the home for $40,000 above its originally appraised value. Within a few days, the home sold for an additional $10,000 above the list price. The wise homeowner, with the help of my staging expertise, turned their property into a charming showcase, leaving a legacy of a $44,000 profit.

And so, the tale of the three townhomes of Victoria Court unfolds, illustrating the power of staging and its profound impact on the journey from listing to a lucrative sale.

If you are interested in selling a home and are looking for advice, please contact Elegant Transitions for a free consultation!

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  1. I look forward to working with Kelly at Elegant Transitions again to have our home staged for the upcoming sale. I’ve seen her work, first hand when she staged my father’s home. I was very impressed.

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